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Garden Valley Organics

Organic Compost (Certified for Organic Use)

Organic Compost (Certified for Organic Use)


• Certified for Organic Use
• All-Purpose organic soil amendment


Compost made from recycled yard trimmings.

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Delivery Options

Rexius maintains a fleet of forklift equipped flatbed trucks for delivery and self-unloading services for most commercial locations.  We also use Common Carrier companies for deliveries fewer than 8 pallets or for locations with limited access.

  • Shipping

    Rexius offers full truckload deliveries of 24 pallets, half truckload of 12 pallets, and minimum orders of 8 pallets. Please contact Joe Arbuckle or Jenna Brown for current pricing.  You Haul from our Coburg facility in Oregon is also available with appointment. Contact Jenna Brown for arrangements.